The Roter Ochsen is a cosy brewery inn rich in tradition with a hotel right in the centre of Ellwangen, former residence of the Prince-Provost.

Two sharp gables characterize the outline of the family business which was established in 1542. Then named Rotochsen-Taverne, the inn developed into the court’s alehouse (Hofbierschenke) and later also became the royal posthouse.

1680 Official right to brew beer.

1798 Xaver Veit is granted the citizenship of Ellwangen by the prince-provosts government.

1875 ist der Rotochsen Posthalterei und Xaver Veit könglicher Posthalter.

1938 Stables and malt cellar are relocated while the public rooms are moved to the ground floor.

1960 New construction of the brewery on the city outskirts and fundamental reconstruction of the Roter Ochsen which is completed in 1968 by Hermann Veit. In the same year his son, Rudi Veit, takes over the widely known hospitable house together with his wife Irene. An ale house at first, the house emerged into a brewery inn with tastefully furnished rooms and original public rooms, meeting all requirements.

1990 The guesthouse with additional 16 spacious double rooms opens.

Since 2012 daughter Christiane Veit holds a responsible position.