Our Rotochsen Beers

Our Rotochsen beers – don’t miss them!

For more than 333 years, our beers have been brewed with particular care, long-term experience and traditional craftmanship. Crystal clear brewing water from our own mountain spring, finest raw ingredients from the region and abstaining from flash pasteurization. All this makes up the unique natural and fresh taste of the Rotochsen beers.
Try our enormous assortment of beers.

Edel Export

Our main brand with a distinctive character.

Hearty and spicy taste, mildly hopped, balanced maturity in flavour, smooth.


Incomparable fresh refined bitter taste,
Delightfully hopped flavour, balanced maturity

Hefeweizen hell

Naturally cloudy with vivid tones of top fermented yeast,
sparkling taste

Hefeweizen dunkel

Top fermented wheat beer specialty. True bottle fermentation.
Of particular note are the dark colour and the subtle flavour.


A filtered top fermented beer,
which convinces the beer connoisseur with its charm of champagne.


High class draught beer: full fresh Pils-flavour, 40% less alcohol and calories than our Stiftsherren-Pils


Savoury and rich in taste, this spicy bock with an aromatic malty taste is mainly enjoyed during the winter months.